The management team has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, along with a massive network of key industry contacts. The management team also understands the importance of organizational structure and hard work.

Management Summary

One of the most important discussions about an organization revolves around management. The company's management understands that systems, processes, people and overall effectiveness are keys in helping an Artist reach his or her potential. The work will be organized by function, and the business will be carried out in a logical and organized structure. The Artist's work environment will be characterized by hard work, respect, and a familial structure.

Management Team

The management team of Rite 1 has over 15 years of extensive, successful experience in the industry.

Rite 1 Entertainment is a Los Angeles based company who has expanded to the Houston and New York areas. We are designed specifically to enhance the marketability of recording artists. We provide a positive and honest working environment to satisfy the comfort of our clients. Rite 1 is not an agency; therefore should never confused for one. Instead Rite 1 works to groom talent and provide artists with the necessary tools to be successful in today's industry. Each member of our staff possesses the ability to help each artist grow to prepare them in meeting the industry's level of marketable expectations. Through both educational and personal experience, our company has acquired vast knowledge and information that endows us with complete competency to fulfill the needs of our clients. Rite 1 is a corporation that has emerged as an industry trailblazer, leveraging its extensive contacts in Los Angeles, Houston and New York. Prospective talent will find Rite 1 a highly effective and valuable tool in acquiring and developing the artist's marketing materials. We market a vast array of talent and successfully prepare them for professional opportunities.

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